7 Lessons We Could All Learn From Sports

Sadly, some people go their whole lives not learning one of these even.

Bryan With a Why
9 min readJul 28, 2022


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Sports aren’t for everyone, I get that. Some find them boring. Some might find them too violent. Or perhaps you’re just not interested because there are too many rules to learn and you’re happy without them.

Fair enough.

But there are lots of things that sports can teach us and these lessons can be invaluable!

Seven of the most important life lessons can be learned from participating in, or even just observing, sports:

  1. How to Work Together as a Team
  2. The Joy of Group Victory
  3. You Don’t Always Win
  4. How to Be a Gracious Winner
  5. How Not to be a Sore Loser
  6. Just How Stupid Racism Is
  7. Sometimes You Just Need Sports to Forget Your Problems

How to Work Together as a Team

Sports are synonymous with teamwork. Well, the good sports anyway. Let’s face it.

But nothing teaches someone, especially a growing child, the importance of teamwork quite like sports. Sports are fun, and what better way to learn important life lessons than to have fun while doing it?!

You can’t win a sports game by yourself. It doesn’t matter how good you are, you can’t throw the ball, catch it, hit it, and throw yourself out. You need teammates and sports is a great way to teach people that you can’t get through life without the help of others.

Even those sports that aren’t “team” sports still require you to work with others — a boxing coach or martial arts teacher. Fellow students in your class/training/gym.

Without the help of others, sports — like life — is much less fun.

The Joy of Group Victory

With good teamwork comes the inevitable (hopefully!) joy of winning as a team!

You all fought hard! It took the blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish what they did — winning a few games or even the championship?! — and it is something they’ll learn from and reflect on for…



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