The “Next Hitler” Isn’t Our Top Concern

People are so worried about the next Hitler, they’re not realizing that the next Stalin is a much more serious and bigger threat

Bryan With a Why
7 min readFeb 11, 2021


Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler / Source: Wikicommons

Throughout our school years, Hitler was (rightfully) demonized as a horrible person. A murderer. A dictator. A horrific human being who deserved Hell if anyone did.

Hitler’s evil was blatant and obvious. He combined eugenics “science” with a demonization of the Jews which led to millions of them— along with anyone who disagreed with or disobeyed him — being exterminated.

It’s important to realize, however, that his evil didn’t just suddenly spring up one day.

It came from a slow build. First, you start with believing in a “science” such as eugenics that says some humans are inferior and that their feeblemindedness is hereditary. With this mindset you easily conclude that preventing them from breeding is the “humane thing to do.” The next logical step then becomes preventing them from breeding through sterilization. I mean, if they’re inferior/feebleminded and it’s hereditary then it’s “the right thing” to prevent them from breeding right?

Extending the “science” further means pointing out certain classes of people as superior and inferior . We’re talking TRUE racism, not the kind of stuff we see labeled as “racism” in America now. Which is exactly how millions of people go from believing in standard right vs wrong to thinking it’s totally acceptable for a government to round up “inferior” or “bad” people with the end goal being to clean up the human race.

To round it out and ensure even more are on board, in comes the demonization. It starts with telling others that their problems are due to the actions of a particular group (the Jews, in this case) and calling them slurs in addition to “scum” or “cockroaches.” This inevitably escalates to demonization which makes it much easier to convince people that these feebleminded scum of the earth should be exterminated to “make the world a better place” and to “rid the world of filth.”

Sound familiar?

Those on the left will say “yeah, that’s all those Trumpists!”



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