How Do We Still Have Chin Diapers in 2022

The mandates were lifted months ago. You can wear a mask still if you’d like, but explain to me the logic of those who voluntarily wear them incorrectly?!

Bryan With a Why
3 min readJul 7, 2022


The last couple of years have been a bit crazy, no doubt. For at least the next decade people will disagree with how things were handled during the pandemic.

For those who may have already forgotten (or who read this years from now) there were generally three types of people when it came to masks:

  1. The group who were in favor of masks and would wear them even when not required.
  2. The group who were opposed to masks and would fight any attempt to make them wear one.
  3. Those who went along with it and wore them only when required by law but didn’t complain or push for others to wear them.

But when anyone from either of these groups met in public, there was an unwritten agreement with most — we really didn’t care if you “slipped up” a little bit and were caught wearing your mask incorrectly.

Maybe you just ate something and forgot to put it back on. Maybe you went to a mask required area from a mask free area. Maybe you walked through a restaurant or bar and stood up before putting the mask back on correctly.

Whatever the reason, most people understood and just laughed it off (if not to your face, at least to themselves).

Then the mask mandates were lifted nationwide by the end of March and people went on with their lives.

The majority of people — even in the highly liberal areas of the US like NY, California, and the Pacific Northwest — went without masks in public. But there are certainly a percentage — maybe 3 to 5% max — who still wear masks in public.

You can believe masks worked and were beneficial. You can argue that masks didn’t work and had no benefit statistically. You can also be in either camp and find it acceptable to wear masks incorrectly when the mandates were enforced for various reasons.

What makes absolutely no sense in 2022 are the people who choose to wear masks…



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